Rest window 02The Leopard restaurant offers international food in a casual setting and is owned and run by Andrea Burgener and Nick Gordon. The menu changes frequently according availability of fresh ingredients and cook and author Andrea’s whim. Wine list is a concise mix of unusual discoveries and established quality.

This is not a fast food place. Dishes amble out of the kitchen – which is a good indication that it’s freshly prepared and actually cooked, not simply a ‘ready meal’ warmed up. Our cocktail lounge is gone but we now offer all our wines by the glass.

We use the best ingredients available which is why the menu changes so often. It’s also why we only use grass fed beef, free range poultry and pork and seafood from sustainable sources.

If you’d like to find out why grass fed beef is so important, start here:

If you’d like to know what’s wrong with battery chicken production, start here:

If you’d like to find out how to buy fish better, start here:

All meat products in the supermarket aisle/drivethrough/fancy restaurant are from industrialised intensive production unless otherwise stated. So read the label.


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SAMPLE MENU (2015/09)


Hot olives with rosemary, lemon, chile & spring onion – bolo on the side  48

Baba Ghanoush, tzatziki, beetroot-ginger dip and toasted flatbread  68

Hot wokked green beans preserved lemon and chile  58

Son of Caesar – cos, aged local asiago, caesaresque dressing, anchovies & croutons  82

Olive oil preserved artichokes topped with mint, parsley, breadcrumbs, parmesan,     garlic oil (slight)  115

Mozzarella and roasted peppers with garlic, olive oil and chile dressing (warm)  85

Homemade Bresaola with celery and local parmesan salad  95

Fennel, cucumber, mint & peanut salad with chile dressing  62 / Add smokey chicken  48 Add rice (makes excellent warm rice salad)  10

Green leaf side salad with sesame and mustard seed dressing  65

**Special: Tomato based mung bean soup with cumin and turmeric  56

**Special: Seabass fishcakes with light batter and caper, parsley & lime cream   76

 Son of Caesar


Pata plate: taro leaf masala roll up with tzatziki, apple-atchar and flatbread   78 /  with smokey chicken  –  add 48

Sustainably farmed sea bass fillet in a Goan style curry sauce – with rice on the side 165

Saldanha Bay mussels in white wine, cream and chile  138

Beef Tartare (Midlands grass-fed rump, hand-chopped to order) either French(ish) or Ethiopian(ish) style  –  ask for details  142

Beef Meatballs (Midlands grass-fed) with butterbean mash, pan juice and onion muddle 96

**Special: KFQ – Deep fried quail with Asian style sweet chile slaw  115

**Special: House made paneer in masala with yoghurt and rice  86

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Sorry, we don’t change the menu for people over 12 years of age.

All our food is prepared on order and if the restaurant is busy, will take a while. If you’ve got a plane to catch or a weak constitution, please let us know and we’ll try to accommodate you. Otherwise, shared food Asian style comes quicker than all together Western tradition.

All our seafood is SASSI compliant. Our seabass is sustainably farmed off the Mauritian coast.

ricotta and orange preserve


Affogato (ice-cream with espresso to pour over)  35

Halva, yoghurt, roasted nuts, honey & rose syrup  55

Real Italian Gelato or sorbet (pls ask for  flavours)  55

Naked or Chocolate-coated perfect marshmallows  8/16

Homemade brownies – ask for details  56 / 65

White chocolate pecan brittle  34


Cappuccino, espresso, latte, proper iced coffee, cafe del tiempo

Ganache hot chocolate

Rooibos ginger iced tea (homemade) / Green tea / Early Grey / Ceylon /

Fresh mint, lemon, ginger infusion / Beauty Tea

Coca-cola / cream soda / iron brew / Appletizer family / San Bitter**


*LAMPEDUSA PIE recipe book available to buy here (R360)

Lots of Leopard recipes within   


OUR PHONE NO: 011 482 9356 – (Can also be used to summon your waiter)

For more info and suppliers info please visit:


Our new hours: Monday to Friday – open from 5pm / Saturday – open from 11am

BOOKINGS: please phone from 1pm onwards. We’ll take bookings by e-mail or phone message, but please speak to actual live person for confirmation.



Extra attention: R150 / Prestige attention: R287 / No childishness: SQ