Catering & Bulk Orders

Birthdays, baby showers or just showing off to your friends – we can help you. Just see our handy Catering & Bulk Orders list below for speedy info.


In order for us to deliver on our promises, please note the following:
All special orders of soups, salads, sides and drinks-friendly platters are minimum 4 portions.
All main courses and desserts are minimum order of 6 portions. Because of special ingredients there are some exceptions, which are marked. *
Please give us 48 hours’ notice for all main dishes and desserts, 24 hours for salads, sides & soups
*Orders for more than 30 portions, please give us a full three days’ notice.
 And now…

Catering & Bulk Orders


Porcini lasagne   R85pp
Very saucy macaroni cheese    R45pp
Melanzane  R60pp
Roman style artichokes: artichoke halves with butterbeans, parsley, mint, breadcrumbs and parmesan   R85pp
Mushroom Bourguignon  (red wine, onion, thyme, and garlic flavours in sauce)  R75pp
Spinach & jersey-milk ricotta malfatti in napoletana sauce  R68pp
Jersey-milk paneer cheese in mild masala sauce or palak (spinach) sauce, with rice or roti   R75pp
Chickpea & brinjal Moroccan style stew   R65pp
Mung dhal with flatbread and apple atchar    R65pp
Pata plate: slices of pata (elephant-ear leaf & masala roll-up), with tzatsiki, apple-atchar and rotis on the side R68pp   (smokey chicken optional extra, R45pp).
Quasi Mozambican Brinjal – with bolo bread, cashew & coriander stuffing + mild peri peri  R45pp
Greek feta and phyllo pie (serves 8)   R325


(Free range / Grass Fed / Sustainable Only)
Fordsburg style chicken & butterbean curry  R65pp / chicken curry no butterbeans  R75pp
Beef meatballs in red pepper muddle  65pp   (starch separate, see smalls)
Beef & red wine stew  R85pp
Beef & potato pie  R75pp
Comfort chicken pie   R70pp
Somewhat French Lamb and lentil stew  R125pp *(minimum order 8 portions)
Tandoori chicken skewers   R55pp (200g)
Tandoori chicken quarters (leg & thigh – around 300g)   R40pp (Uncooked)   R60pp (Pre-cooked)
Italo-franco chicken quarters (Rosemary, thyme, garlic leg & thigh – around 300g)   R60pp
Peri-peri stuffed Quail: breadcrumb, cashew & coriander stuffed, partially deboned quail; basted and salted, oven ready. Mild peri-peri sauce on the side. 4 days lead time (when available)  R150pp  *(minimum order 8 portions)
Sahldana Bay mussels, cleaned & par-cooked, with cream, chilli, white wine sauce. 4 days lead time, mussels come up fresh from Saldhana   R120pp  *(minimum order 8 portions)
Seabass fishcakes with chilli ginger syrup or caper-cream    R75pp
Seabass in paper parcel: sustainably farmed seabass, filleted, topped with Balinese paste (coriander, citrus rind, coconut, chilli and ginger) – oven-ready. R152pp   (when available). Served with rice on the side.  *(minimum order 8 portions)
Free range pork ribs with sweet spicy BBQ   R56pp (400g) – when available
Free range & grass fed Beef, Lamb & Pork Trek Wors   R140/kg (3 days notice)
Leopard spinach (cream, grana padano, nutmeg, onion)  R55pp
Butter-bean rosemary mash    R28pp
Very saucy cauliflower cheese R45pp
Couscous – olive oil & herbs 25pp  / couscous – toasted almonds, caramelised onion, saffron   R35pp
Sweet potato, thyme and cream bake  R35pp
Potato & spring-onion cakes   R25 for 3
Garlic-parsley bolo bread   R25 (Mini)
Garlic-parsley bolo bread   R75 (Large)
Asian chilli-brinjal, cumin & onion    R35pp
Cauliflower & cashew, with cumin and cinnamon dressing  R55pp
Quasi-Caesar salad   R65pp
Fennel & cucumber with chilli mint dressing   R45pp
Chop-chop salad: raw slivered veg; sesame oil dressing, sesame seed, peanuts optional R38pp
Potato, caper & red onion salad      R35pp
Chickpea, celery & parmesan salad     R45pp
Daikon radish, cashew & coconut coleslaw   R45pp
Green bean, sesame, preserved lemon and chilli salad    R45


Tzatziki   R15pp
Leopard style Baba Ghanoush   R25pp
Rosemary-chilli olives  R15pp
Labneh (strained yoghurt ‘cheese’) with dukkah topping   R20pp
Rillettes, pickles and crackers platter  (8 servings minimum)  R65pp
Cheese and free-range meats platter   (8pax minimum)   R75pp
Cheese, vegetarian dips & olives platter  R65pp


(1 litre serving minimum – R96 per litre/R24 pp)
International onion (almost French, slight spiciness & tomato addition)
Mom style tomato (like Heinz but we made it)
German-ish pea (plain or with Nick’s free range bacon or ham)
Beetroot & orange
Shiitake broth (vegan or chicken stock base)
Cauliflower and brown butter
Lentil & rosemary
Mexican corn & red pepper
Green gazpacho: cucumber, green pepper, mint and yoghurt; croutons and sesame seed on the side


All chocolate items are made with Callebaut Belgian chocolate. Prices are for eight servings.
Brownies: dark chocolate & white spot / dark choc & marzipan / white choc & toasted almond /  Trailer-Park (peanut-butter and milk chocolate)  for batch of eight: R224 / R280 (with nuts)
French chocolate torte   R360
Almond rolled labneh balls with halva, honey & lemon rind    R280 a platter
Crustless lemon cheesecake R325  / Sugar-free cheesecake   R425
Damp lemon sponge  R165
Swimming Gala Chocolate Cake   R280
Triple gingerbread (dried, candied and fresh ginger)  R180
Marzipan cake (layers of almost-short-crust pastry and  home-made marzipan)  R350
Apple & pear caramel crumble  R280


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