Food Producers of the World Unite!

article-1246353-080752C4000005DC-440_468x307We’re always looking to meet producers of well farmed and ethically reared produce. If you grow the most magnificent pumpkins or if know someone who knows someone who’s got the happiest, healthiest pigs running around their back yard, please let us know so that we can buy their stuff and showcase it in our restaurant. Please access the contact form here:


Otherwise here are details of a few producers we really admire who may be of service to you:

Braeside Butchery: One of the few sources of grass fed beef and free range chicken and pork in Gauteng. Caroline is the process of drafting the national standards for free range and organic meat certification in conjunction with SAMIC.

Pepe Charlot: Goat’s cheese from Heaven.

Richard Bosman: Charcuterie from Charlie Crowther’s free ranging pork. & . Why free range pork? Here:

La Marina Foods: Only place I know where you can get organically farmed prawns and fish. Why is conventional prawn farming so bad? Here:

The Free Range Food Co.: Nigel is a legal eagle determined to make a difference. At the end of a long learning curve they are now beginning to supply the free -est ranging chicken, eggs and beef from their Walkerville farm.

Trevor Bannatyne: From their farm in Glencoe, KZN, the Bannatyne family produce fantastic outdoors pork and also beef, lamb & chickens. Weekly deliveries to to shops and homes in JHB mean that good produce is now within your reach.


Of course, more to follow….