Leopard Saucisson de Provence (200g)

From free range pigs. Dried and cured salami in a French style with white wine & fennel.


Regular price R 74.00

Leopard Beef Biltong (200g)

From grass fed cattle. Sweet & tangy.

Regular price R 74.00

Knax Sweet & Sour Gherkins (720g)

Properly tangy.


Regular price R 72.00

Leopard Rosemary Chilli Olives in Oil (250ml)

Try these lightly heated in the pan for 'jump in your mouth' flavour.

Regular price R 58.00

Bacon & Bangers Brand Traditional English Pork Pies (Double Pack)

From free range pigs. Eat cold. Great with apple atchar or pickles.

Regular price R 62.00

Bacon & Bangers Brand Frozen Single Serve Pies (Double Pack)

Cook from frozen. Free range ingredients.

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Leopard (Proper) Hummus (300ml)



Regular price R 63.00

Leopard Lemon, Chilli & Cumin Relish (125ml)

Addictive top selling chilli with a twist.

Regular price R 55.00

Leopard Baba Ghanoush (250ml)

Our version of the Middle Eastern Brinjal dip. Includes garlic & parmesan.

Regular price R 55.00

Leopard (Famous) Sweet Chilli - Ginger Syrup (250ml)

Great with Asian dishes. Loves chicken, fish, cheese, leaves and so on. Or you can just lick your fingers repeatedly.

Regular price R 58.00

Leopard (Famous) Caesar Dressing (250ml)

Just toss some leaves.

Regular price R 75.00

Leopard Prego Sauce (250ml)

Our version of the essential S.A. meets Mozambique sauce. Use as a baste or after cooking, on meats, brinjal or what-have-you. 

Regular price R 68.00

Leopard Everyday Garlic Vinaigrette (250ml)

White wine vinegar, olive oil, garlic, rosemary, honey, salt.

Regular price R 55.00

Lunchbox Chicken Bites (160g)

Mini chicken schnitzels with pesto-mayo dip.

Regular price R 62.00

Lunchbox Artichoke & Zucchini Bites (160g)

Mini veg schnitzels with mayo dip.

Regular price R 65.00

Nova Sugar Free 70% Chocolate (100g)

Vegan. Sweetened with maltitol.

Regular price R 59.00

Ritter Sport Hazenut Chocolate (100g)

Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut.

Regular price R 53.00

Katjes Salted 'Herring' Liquorice (200g)

Dutch vegan delight.

Regular price R 40.00

Haribo Goldbahren (80g)

Super soft German jelly sweets.

Regular price R 20.00

Milka Milk Chocolate with Oreos (100g)

Regular price R 36.00