Red Wine

Secateurs Red 750ml

Cinsault, shiraz, grenache. Very versatile.

Regular price R 111.00

De Toren Delicate 750ml

Malbec led blend. Bright and breezy and knows just what to do.

Regular price R 140.00

Sutherland Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

Cut with 15% Petit Verdot for a smooth finish.

Regular price R 154.00

Fable Mountain Night Sky 750ml

Syrah, grenache & mouvedre. What could go wrong?

Regular price R 167.00

Ataraxia Serenity 750ml

Pinot noir, cinsault & pinotage. The parents and child.

Regular price R 217.00

Tamboerskloof Syrah 750ml

Consistently fantastic.

Regular price R 223.00

Matthew van Heerden Pinot Noir 750ml

This wine is a rapier. No green stalks so typical of Pinots.

Regular price R 266.00

Botanica Pinot Noir 750ml

Regular price R 275.00

Donkiesbaai Rooiwijn (750ml)

Grenache noir, cinsault & syrah.

Regular price R 308.00

Vrede en Lust Cab Franc 750ml

Graceful power.

Regular price R 317.00

Sutherland Petit Verdot 750ml

Velvet glove inside a velvet glove. *****

Regular price R 347.00