Food Producers of the World Unite!


We’re always looking to meet producers of well farmed and ethically reared produce. If you grow the most magnificent pumpkins or if know someone who knows someone who’s got the happiest, healthiest pigs running around their back yard, please let us know so that we can buy their stuff and showcase it in our store. Please contact us:

Otherwise here are details of a few producers we really admire who may be of service to you:

Triple G Farms (Reitz) Grant's herd of Angus live outside their entire lives. Why grass fed? Start here and here:


Franco Esposito (Kamberg): Franco's pigs live outside with no antibiotics or hormones and the results show in his charcuterie. Why free range pork? Start here:

Mooberry: Free range Jersey cows hand milked to produce some of the best dairy around - when you can get it. Why grass fed dairy? Here: & Here: & Here:

Bartley Dairy: Full cream milk from grass fed cows. More difficult to find than you think – but worth it.

Jackal's Hill Dairy: Grass fed Jersey products (including best ever halloumi).

Kazi Farms: Baby herbs and greens free farm pesticides.

Verlorenkloof: Grassfed dairy from Dullstoom.

 Of course, more to follow….